Getting Started with EasyAR

Can I deploy an app with EasyAR inside on the app store?

Yes. You can deploy apps with EasyAR inside on any public app store. And you need to include the LICENSE which is included in the EasyAR package in your apps or derivative works.

Does EasyAR use open source software and what are the impacts to my app?

EasyAR uses a few open source software internally. They are licensed under BSD/MIT/Apache/Boost license. You can read the details from the LICENSE file inside the EasyAR package. Software with these licenses are permitted for commercial use. You need to include the LICENSE in your apps or derivative works.

Are there any watermarks in EasyAR?

No. EasyAR does not display any watermarks.

On which operating systems can I deploy my apps?

EasyAR SDK supports both PC and Mobile systems. The following operating systems are supported:

Windows 7 and above (7/8/8.1/10. * Support Windows 7 and above if used with Unity3D, the standalone Windows SDK requires Windows 7 SP1 and above)

Mac OS X

Android 4.0 and above

iOS 7.0 and above

Does EasyAR support transparent video?

Yes. Full transparent video support is added into EasyAR since version 1.1.

Does EasyAR support Unity3D?

Yes. EasyAR supports Unity3D since the first public release.

Which version of Unity3D does EasyAR support?

EasyAR supports Both Unity 4 (4.6+) and Unity 5.

If you meet incompatible issues, please update your EasyAR to the latest version.

What options do I have if I want to create and show 3D contents on top of EasyAR?

You now have two options.

a) You can create 3D contents with Unity3D, this is the recommended way.

b) You can use OpenGL ES 2.0 to do the basic rendering or build complex 3D environments on top of it, with or without a 3D engine.

Note: that we are working on the built-in 3D engine support, which will bring you a 3rd option in future releases.

Will EasyAR support built-in 3D engines in future?

Yes. We are aware that this feature is very important for some developers and usages. This feature is on our roadmap and you will see it in future release.

Why does the Unity3D complains about 'DllNotFoundException: EasyARUnity'?

Please use EasyAR 1.2 or later.

Why do I see nothing, but 3D contents will show up when a target is tracked, and log says "EasyAR is running on an unsupported graphics device..."?

Please make sure your graphics API setting is compatible with EasyAR. See Platform Requirements for compatible settings.

Why do I see nothing but white screen on my iPhone?

Please use EasyAR 1.1 or later and make sure graphics API is selected as OpenGL ES 2.0.

Why do I see nothing but gray screen or skybox?

Please use EasyAR 1.2 or later.

Why do I see black screen on my iPhone?

If you are using other Unity native plugins (e.g. Mobile Movie Texture), you may see black screen.

It is easy to fix; you need to merge the AppControllers offered by the plugin with EasyARAppController. Here is a sample for the merged AppController (merged with Mobile Movie Texture).

If you are using Mobile Movie Texture, what you have to do is

1. Remove Assets/Plugins/iOS/

2. Replace in the same folder with this file.

3. Recompile.

If you are not using Mobile Movie Texture, you need to do the similar steps,

1. Modify to merge both AppControllers. Function names may be different across plugins, you should take care of the functions passed into UnityRegisterRenderingPlugin.

2. Remove the other AppController from the source code.

3. Replace the original with the modified one.

4. Recompile.