Getting Started with EasyAR

Public Types

enumRotationOffsetMode{R0, R90, R180, R270} (since 1.3.0)

Public Functions

static Matrix4x4GetProjection(CameraCalibration calib, float nearPlane, float farPlane)
static Matrix4x4GetPoseGL(Matrix4x4 pose)
static boolInitialize(string key, IntPtr activity)
static voidResume()
static voidPause()
static stringVersionString()
static voidOnApplicationQuit() (since 1.3.0)
static voidSetRotationOffset(RotationOffsetMode offset) (since 1.3.0)

enum RotationOffsetMode (since 1.3.0)

R00Used for customized hardware to set 0 degrees offset.
R9090Used for customized hardware to set 90 degrees offset.
R180180Used for customized hardware to set 180 degrees offset.
R270270Used for customized hardware to set 270 degrees offset.

static Matrix4x4 GetProjection(CameraCalibration calib, float nearPlane, float farPlane)

Gets projections matrix from calibration data and clip planes.

static Matrix4x4 GetPoseGL(Matrix4x4 pose)

Gets matrix from the pose.

static bool Initialize(string key, IntPtr activity)

Initializes EasyAR with key and activity. activity is required only in Android. EasyAR must be initialized before other functions start to work.

static void Resume()

Handles the app onResume, resumes internal tasks.

static void Pause()

Handles the app onPause, pauses internal tasks.

static string VersionString()

Returns EasyAR version string.

static void OnApplicationQuit()

Handles the app quit.

static void SetRotationOffset(RotationOffsetMode offset)

Set rotation for customized hardware.