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ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour (since 1.3.0) is the component to control ImageTracker in the AR scene.

A ImageTargetBaseBehaviour must be loaded into ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour before its target can be tracked.

Public Fields


Public Properties


Public Functions

voidLoadImageTargetBehaviour(ImageTargetBaseBehaviour imageTargetBaseBehaviour)
voidUnloadImageTargetBehaviour(ImageTargetBaseBehaviour imageTargetBaseBehaviour)

Public Events

event Action<ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour, ImageTargetBaseBehaviour, Target, bool>TargetLoad
event Action<ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour, ImageTargetBaseBehaviour, Target, bool>TargetUnload

Overwritten MonoBahaviour Functions

protected virtual voidOnDestroy()
protected virtual voidStart()
protected virtual voidUpdate()

ImageTracker Tracker

The ImageTracker object. You can reach advanced controls with Tracker. See ImageTracker for more details.

List<ImageTargetBaseBehaviour> LoadedTargetBehaviours

The ImageTargetBaseBehaviours currently loaded into the component.

int SimultaneousNum

The max number of targets which will be the simulatneously tracked by the tracker. The default value is 1.

void LoadImageTargetBehaviour(ImageTargetBaseBehaviour imageTargetBaseBehaviour)

Load the ImageTargetBaseBehaviour and its target into the component. It is same with ImageTargetBaseBehaviour.LoadIntoTrackerBehaviour

void UnloadImageTargetBehaviour(ImageTargetBaseBehaviour imageTargetBaseBehaviour)

Unload the ImageTargetBaseBehaviour and its target from the component.

bool StartTrack()

Starts the track. See ImageTracker.Start for more details.

bool StopTrack()

Stops the track. See ImageTracker.Stop for more details.

event Action<ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour, ImageTargetBaseBehaviour, Target, bool> TargetLoad

The event for target load.

event Action<ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour, ImageTargetBaseBehaviour, Target, bool> TargetUnload

The event for target unload.