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List targets in space | GET /targets/

New Target | POST /targets/

Create a new image target.


POST /targets/




Request parameters

Field Type Required Description
image String(base64 encoded) Yes base64(image),jpg and png are supported
active String No “1” is active,”0” is inactive。 Default is “1”
name String Yes Target Name. ASCII character, numbers and punctuation can be supported, and characters length is limited between 1 and 64
size String(Float) Yes Width of target image ( cm )。The hight( or length) of the image will be computed by system. Help mapping the virtual object to target image. Default is 20
meta String Yes
Custemized info storage, must be text. Default is “”
E.x. JSON text, or base64 encoding of image, or url of file stored in cloud.
type String (Float) Yes Constant Value: “ImageTarget”. More types will be supported in future.
allowSimilar String No Force to add image if similar targets exist

Note: You can also pass in any other fields you like, such as meta data to attach to the target. They would be returned unmodified in responses.

A Example of request

POST /targets/ HTTP/1.1
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
    "timestamp": 1514736000000,
    "appKey": "test_app_key",
    "signature": "89985e2420899196db5bdf16b3c2ed0922c0c221"

A example of response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
    "statusCode": 0,
    "result": {
        "name": "easyar",
        "size": "5",
        "meta": "496fbbabc2b38ecs3460a...",
        "type": "ImageTarget",
        "trackableRate": 0,
        "detectableRate": 0,
        "detectableFeatureCount", 0,
        "trackableDistinctiveness", 0,
        "trackableFeatureCount", 0,
        "trackableFeatureDistribution", 0,
        "trackablePatchContrast", 0,
        "trackablePatchAmbiguity", 0
    "timestamp": 1514736000000

Response Field

statusCode:0 is OK,1 is invalid appKey,2 is invalid signature,3 is invalid date

result:core result body

timestamp:Milliseconds since Epoch of response at server.

targetId:Unique identity of the target

trackingImage:tracking image stored in server for AR tracking

name: Target Name

size:Width of target image ( cm )

meta:users’ custemized info uploaded: e.x. json text, base64 encoded, or url-encoded, etcd


active:”1” is active, “0” is inactive

Common use meta examples

  • Video URLs
    • For each target, you store metadata containing the URL of a video associated to the specific target
    • After your app recognizes the target, uses the URL in the metadata to connect to a server, to download, and to play the video (for example, http://my_server/my_videos/my_video_001.mp4)
  • 3D models
    • For each target, you can store metadata containing 3D model or unity asset bundle to associate with the specific target
    • You can encode your model with base64 and store directly in metadata, or store URL of model in meta as video example showed.
    • After your app recognize the target, renders the 3D model on the detected target


meta: Length of character is limited less than 2MB