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Quick start with EasyAR CRS –Hello World

Summary of EasyAR CRS

EasyAR CRS ( Cloud Recognition Service ) is a cloud recognition solution to help developers manage up-to-100K image-targets online.

It works with both EasyAR SDK Basic and EasyAR SDK Pro. The recognition request with camera key-frame-image are sent from your App to cloud, and servers will retrieve the matched image-target and return. Then you load video or 3D model by any 3D engine to display amazing AR content in your App.

Users can create several CRS Cloud Database and each space is secure and separated from others

CRS public cloud serves with 2 modes:
  1. For generic usage(App DAU<1K), self-service online is enough for most Apps.
  2. For high usage, we will allocate dedicated resource pool, please contact us to subscribe or upgrade.

Until now, in two regions you are allowed to create CRS target Cloud Database, North America Region and China Region. Please create CRS Cloud Database in NA Region if your app serves global users. China Region CRS has better networking for local Apps in China.

Read Get started with EasyAR CRS, and explore the journey with a “Helloworld” sample.

Read Get started with creating new Cloud Database and manage targets with APIs.

Note: CRS public cloud only supports EasyAR SDK version 2.0.0 or higher.

Benefits of CRS

Device based recognition Cloud based recognition
Image target volume 1K level 100K level
Add new target Online Not support Support
Update target’s meta online Not support Support
Manage target Manage by developers Manage by webUI or API


1, Does CRS allow 3D models to be loaded via the cloud ?

  • There are some space for user data storage, which is called meta, and can be uploaded as raw text files(e.x. using base64 encoding the model data) at the develop page of EasyAR website. Then get the meta data from client side, and load it by any 3D engines you are using. Please refer the API details of New Target.

2, Is there any limitation on number of recos per month?

  • No. For high usage use case (e.x. daily active user-device, DAU > 1K), it is recommended you can contact us to upgrade using dedicated resource.

3, What’s the reason Web Service API return 404?

4, Response error status code

  • Most of the response error code is “invalid date” and “invalid app key”.
  • “invalid date” is resulted from “date” parameter which should be ISO-8601 format and your client systemtime should sync with servertime(NTP synced). CRS 3.0( since 1st Aug 2018) recommend developers using timestamp and SHA256.
  • “invalid app key” may be resulted from incorrect crsKey in your request. It may also occur if you didnot signature with all POST parameters or your request did not use Content-Type=application/json format.