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Image Class

Inherits: Base


Image stores an image data and represents an image in memory.

Image raw data can be accessed as byte array. The width/height/stride information are also accessible.

Public Types

enum PixelFormat{Unknown, Gray, YUV_NV21, YUV_NV12, RGB888, BGR888, RGBA8888}

Public Properties

int Width
int Height
int Stride
PixelFormat Format
byte[] Pixels

enum PixelFormat

Constant Value Description
Unknown 0 The Unknown format.
Gray 1 The gray format.
YUV_NV21 2 The YUV (NV21) format.
YUV_NV12 3 The YUV (NV12) format.
RGB888 4 The RGB888 format.
BGR888 5 The BGR888 format.
RGBA8888 6 The RGBA8888 format.

int Width

Returns image width.

int Height

Returns image height.

int Stride

Returns image stride.

PixelFormat Format

Returns image format. Generally, you will get a YUV image from camera on mobile devices and BGR image from camera on desktop devices.

byte[] Pixels

Returns image raw data as a byte array.