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TargetInstance Class

Inherits: Base


TargetInstance is the tracked target by trackers.

A TargetInstance contains a raw Target that is tracked and current status and pose of the Target.

Public Types

enum TrackStatus{Unknown, Undefined, Detected, Tracked}

Public Properties

TrackStatus Status
Target Target
Quaternion Rotation
Vector3 Position

enum TrackStatus

Constant Value Description
Unknown 0 The status is unknown.
Undefined 1 The status is undefined.
Detected 2 The target is detected.
Tracked 3 The target is tracked.

TrackStatus Status

Returns current status of the tracked target. Usually you can check if the result of Status == Tracked is true to determine current status of the target.

Target Target

Gets the raw target. It will return the same Target you loaded into a Tracker.

Quaternion Rotation

Current rotation of the tracked target.

Vector3 Position

Current position of the tracked target.