What's New in EasyAR

05/28/2016: EasyAR 1.3 released!

02/19/2016: EasyAR 1.2.1 available for download!

02/05/2016: EasyAR 1.2 released!

12/18/2015: API document is online.

12/04/2015: Updated some Unity samples, the incorrect UV of Coloring3D sample has been fixed.

11/29/2015: EasyAR 1.1 released!

10/21/2015: EasyAR 1.0.1 available for download!

10/18/2015: SightPlus Augmented Reality Platform and EasyAR SDK by VisionStar won the Auggie Award at AWE 2015!

10/17/2015: EasyAR 1.0 Released!

EasyAR is an Augmented Reality Engine that is easy to use and free. If you are new to EasyAR, you may want to start from here.

EasyAR 1.3 is the latest version of EasyAR. This version include multi-target tracking support and optimizations for detection and tracking, and also power reduction.

EasyAR offers many samples both for Unity and native develop, simple to run. These samples demonstrate various methods of target creation, and video playback including streaming video and transparent video. There are also some advanced topics for real-time target creation from camera image and building a 3D coloring book.

Most markers in the samples can be played with SightPlus using cloud recognition. Many of them are interesting AR Games. Download SightPlus from http://www.sightp.com and enjoy!

EasyAR never stops evolution since the first public reveal. Major changes since the first public release are,

* added more samples

* added multi-target tracking support

* optimized for power reduction

* removed Unity dependency of Visual C++ runtime library

* improved tracking stability and accuracy

* improved first use experience

* improved video player support, added support for transparent video

* improved front camera and dynamic camera switch

* improved Unity support and compatibility

* improved Unity interfaces

More features and improvements are coming!

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