AugmentedTarget Class

| Inherits: | Base |


AugmentedTarget is the tracked target by trackers.

An AugmentedTarget contains a raw Target that is tracked and current status and pose of the Target.

Public Types

| enum | TrackStatus{Unknown, Undefined, Detected, Tracked} |

Public Properties

TrackStatus Status
Target Target
Matrix4x4 Pose (until 1.2.1)
Quaternion Rotation (since 1.3.0)
Vector3 Position (since 1.3.0)

Public Functions

| | AugmentedTarget() |

enum TrackStatus

Constant Value Description
Unknown 0 The status is unknown.
Undefined 1 The status is undefined.
Detected 2 The target is detected.
Tracked 3 The target is tracked.


Creates a AugmentedTarget object.

TrackStatus Status

Returns current status of the tracked target. Usually you can check if the result of Status == Tracked is true to determine current status of the target.

Target Target

Gets the raw target. It will return the same Target you loaded into the ImageTracker.

Matrix4x4 Pose(until 1.2.1)

Returns current pose of the tracked target.

Quaternion Rotation(since 1.3.0)

Current rotation of the tracked target.

Vector3 Position(since 1.3.0)

Current position of the tracked target.

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