VideoPlayer Inspector


A VideoPlayerBaseBehaviour can be added to any object and the Video will be displayed on top of the object.

EasyAR provides an easy setting in inspector that can configure VideoPlayerBaseBehaviour with less or no script.

You can set a few values that can be used by the VideoPlayerBaseBehaviour.Open.

string Path

StorageType Storage

VideoPlayer.VideoType Type

ScaleMode VideoScaleMode

ScalePlane VideoScalePlane

float VideoScaleFactorBase

bool EnableAutoPlay

bool EnableLoop

bool OpenWhenStart

bool DisplayTextMessage

A very simple usage is to check on EnableAutoPlay, EnableLoop, OpenWhenStart and set Path and Storage. Then a normal ImageTarget Prefab as its parent and a ImageTargetBehaviour script will control the video playback automatically.

VideoScaleMode, VideoScalePlane and VideoScaleFactorBase are used to control the auto scale.

See VideoPlayerBaseBehaviour for more details.

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