EasyAR Mega Privacy Policy

Effective as of: 28 Oct 2022

Update as of: 4 Nov 2022

Welcome to EasyAR Mega Platform! EasyAR Mega Platform (hereinafter referred to as this “Platform”) is developed and operated by Visionstar Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”). We are committed to providing real-world augmented reality platforms for you, designed to enable you to interact in shared worlds, seamlessly blended with the real world. During your use of the Service that we provided, we shall collect, store and process your personal information as necessary, and we shall protect your personal information and privacy in accordance with law.

In consideration thereof, this Privacy Policy for EasyAR Mega (hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”) is therefore formulated to give you a comprehensive understanding of the personal information we collect and the way of using it, so as to enable you to make appropriate choices when you play any of our games, use any of our applications or websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Service").

We would sincerely recommend that you read and fully understand this Policy. Please confirm that you shall be deemed to have read and agreed to all the terms of this Policy once you sign it by clicking on the online confirmation or otherwise. Please do not proceed to the next step, if you have any questions about the content of this Policy or the information prompted on the page.

  • 1. Who decides how your personal information is used?
    1. ● We generally the data controller, shall decide the ways of using you personal information when you use the Service. We are committed to collecting your personal information in accordance with Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, and in compliance with the principles of legitimacy, rationality and necessity.
    2. ● We may share your personal information with the third parties (including the affiliated companies, partner organizations, and other cooperative partners), or may entrust any competent affiliated companies or third parties to process your personal information on behalf of us, provided that such sharing is in compliance with security measures of industrial standard, for the purpose of improving the efficiency and accuracy of data processing, as well as providing you with Service of higher quality.
  • 2. The way we collect and use your personal information
    1. We need to collect and use your personal information to provide the Service to you and fulfil the promises we make to you in the Terms of Service, including but not limited to:
    2. ● When you register, log in to the Platform or use our Service, we would collect your cell phone number, the proposed login name and password, etc. When you use the function of editing your profile photo or uploading pictures, we will access your album (storage) permission after obtaining your authorized consent.
    3. ● We collect and use your device location information as you use our Services, including how you move around and events that occur during use our app. Our Services include location based app whose core feature is to provide a experience tied to your real world location, so we need to know where you are to operate these app for you, and to plan the location of in-app resources. We identify your location using a variety of technologies, including GPS, the WiFi points you are accessing the Service through and mobile/cell tower triangulation.
    4. ● Our games and apps include innovative features which allow you and other users to view and interact with the same virtual objects at the same time in a shared physical space. They also allow you to leave persistent virtual objects at real world locations, so other users can see them even when you are not there, and so you can see them when you return. In order to provide you with these AR experiences, Visionstar needs to collect geospatial data and images from your device camera and sensors during your AR experiences. Please see our Help Center for more information on AR experiences and Privacy.
    5. ● When you use our Services, we would collect your device information to ensure the normal operation of our products/services, including but not limited to hardware model, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), operating system version number, IP address, Media Access Control Address (MAC), the method and type of network access, Software version number, operating logs.
  • 3. The use of the minors’ personal information
    1. ● We shall obtain the consent of the minor's parents or other guardians when we process the personal information of any minors under the age of fourteen in accordance with the applicable laws. We attach great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. If you are a minor, you should use our products/services under the supervision and guidance of your parents or guardians.
    2. ● If your guardian does not consent to your using of our Service or providing any information to us in accordance with this Policy, please terminate your use of the Service immediately and notify us promptly to enable us to take appropriate actions.
  • 4. The processing and protection of personal information
    1. We understand the importance of personal information and privacy to you, and we shall therefore take reasonable actions necessary to protect the security of your personal information, including but not limited to:
    2. ● We shall use a variety of safety technical measures and supporting management systems to minimize the risk of leak, disclosure, destruction, loss, misuse, unauthorized use, unauthorized access, or unauthorized alteration of your personal information.
    3. ● We shall limit access to your information to those employees and cooperative partners who are necessary to know the information, and restrict the personnel who have access to your personal information based on the principle of least privilege. We shall ensure that the aforesaid personnel have received trainings accordingly and have aware of the individual responsibilities and obligations under the Data Protection Legislation and this Policy.
    4. ● Upon termination of your use of Service in part or in whole, we shall narrow the scope of collection and usage of your personal information accordingly, except as otherwise provided by applicable laws or administrative regulations.
    5. ● Please understand that you shall properly keep the personal information or data generated by your using of the Service on this Platform. And you shall be solely liable for any adverse consequences due to your disclosure of personal information (including your login, password and other identification elements) accidentally or not.
  • 5. Third Parties
    1. In using our Services you may access to websites and services that are owned or operated by third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Service”). Any information that you provide on or to a Third Party Service or that is collected by a Third Party Service is provided directly to the owner or operator of the Third Party Service and is subject to the owner’s or operator’s privacy policy. We’re not responsible for the content, privacy, or security practices and policies of any Third Party Service. To protect your information we recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies of all Third Party Service that you access.
  • 6. The change of this Policy
    1. ● We shall revise and amend this Policy as we update and change the Service, from time to time, so as to provide you with better Service. We shall also update the relevant terms of this Policy in accordance with the changes of applicable laws and regulations. The updated Policy shall take effect on the effective date of the announcement and you will be provided with a reasonable notice.
    2. ● If you have any questions or opinions on this policy, or have any complaints or comments on the processing of your personal information, please send to our E-mail address: suwenyuan@sightp.com.

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