Make reality much closer to ideal

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3D object recognition, SLAM, Cloud recognition...New function Shock struck,Stay tuned

EasyAR one-stop solution for native applications

Let AR become mobile Internet standard

EasyAR2.0 New Product Release

VisionStar won the Auggie Award at AWE2016 again

Best Software Award

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Cross- platform Support

Support both desktop and mobile devices

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

  • Android

  • iOS

Distinctive Features

Missing features for such a long time

  • Incremental Background

    Loading of Targets

  • Hardware H.264 Decoder

  • Screen Recording

  • More than 1000 local targets

Simple, Accessible, Efficient

Easy and swift, customer oriented

  • Simple API

  • Unity 3D Support

  • Practical Samples

  • Rapid Technical Support

Large amount, fast, accurate cloud recognition service

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  • Cloud recognition localization

  • Mass storage cloud gallery

  • Fast, accurate recognition

  • High-efficiency API

  • Visual operating background

More Features Coming Soon

  • 3D Object Recognition

    Recognize and Track Non-planar Objects

  • SLAM

    Environment perception,

    AR without markers

  • Cloud Recognition

    Massive Cloud Database

  • Smart Glass Solution

    Support mainstream Smart Glass

  • App Cloud Packaging

    Packing and distribute automatically