Developer agreement changed

EasyAR has a big family now, starting from version 4, the previously known EasyAR SDK will be named EasyAR Sense, providing sensing abilities of the real world. EasyAR Sense is a standalone SDK,which brings brand-new algorithm components and platform support to achieve more AR capabilities.
EasyAR Sense 4.0 has been upgraded to three subscription models: Personal Edition (Free), Professional Edition (Monthly Payment) and Enterprise Edition (Consulting Business). You can choose a subscription model according to your needs. If you are already using EasyAR Sense 3.x or previous versions, you can still use them and we will not charge extra fees or add any limitations. If you are already using EasyAR Sense 3.x Pro or Pro versions of a prior release, you can still use them. And you will get a free subscription period (worth 499 USD) when upgrade to EasyAR Sense 4.0 Professional. EasyAR will also continue to maintain and update EasyAR Sense 3.x.
In order to protect your rights, EasyAR needs to ensure that you have known and understood the above changes to the subscription policy, and agree to the changed developer agreement. If you have any questions, please contact technical support at

Read and agree to abide by Agreement