Dataflow-oriented Component-based API

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Surface Tracking and External Camera Support

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Sparse Spatial Map and Motion Tracking

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Dense Spatial Map and Collision Detection

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EasyAR SDK 3.0

Surface Tracking and External

Camera are now available.

Coming soon

EasyAR SDK 4.0 Beta1

Spatial Map brings a new experience.

Latest News

  • EasyAR SDK 4.0 Beta1 is coming Coming soon

    EasyAR SDK 4.0 Beta provides Sparse Spatial Map, Dense Spatial Map, Motion Tracking and more, bringing new AR experiences.

  • EasyAR SDK 3.0 released Jul 7, 2019

    EasyAR SDK 3.0 includes Surface Tracking, external camera support, package size reduction and other important updates.

  • EasyAR SDK 2.3.0 and 2.2.1 released Oct 24, 2018

    EasyAR SDK 2.3.0 dramatically improves image tracking for jitter reduce. The compatibility fixes for Android 8, iPhone XS/XS Max, and Unity 2018.

  • EasyAR SDK 2.2.0 released Mar 6, 2018

    EasyAR SDK 2.2.0 dramatically improves image tracking. The ImageTracker is more stable and less likely to lost, and pose jitter has been reduced. You can choose different modes of ImageTracker to balance tracking performance and quality, which will give the best quality by default.

  • EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 released Sep 12, 2017

    EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 has a few new features and some stability improvements.


EasyAR Presents

EasyAR SDK 3.0

Dataflow-oriented component-based API

External camera support

Android ARM64 support

Package size reduction

Surface Tracking

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EasyAR SDK 4.0 Beta1

Sparse Spatial Map

Dense Spatial Map



Collision and Occlusion

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EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service

Cloud-based Image Recognition Service

Image Target Retrieval and Management

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