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EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 released! 2017/09/12

EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 has a few new features and some stability improvements.

EasyAR 2.0.0 document has been released! 2017/07/20

Document has been released, please read our document for more help.

EasyAR forum has been released. 2017/07/03

You can post your questions there and we will answer them as soon as possible!

EasyAR SDK 2.0.0 released! 2017/05/29

Starting from SDK version 2.0, EasyAR family will have two products, EasyAR SDK and EasyAR CRS (cloud recognition service). And EasyAR SDK will have two editions, EasyAR SDK Basic and EasyAR SDK Pro.

Best Software of AWE Asia 2016! 2016/09/25

EasyAR SDK by VisionStar won the Auggie Award at AWE Asia 2016 for Best Software!

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EasyAR SDK Basic

· Concise API in Different Languages

· Planar Image Tracking

· Cloud Recognition Support

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EasyAR SDK Pro


· 3D Object Tracking

· Screen Recording

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EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service

· Cloud-based Image Recognition Service

· Image Target Retrieval and Management

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