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Latest News

  • EasyAR SDK 2.2.0 released! 2018/03/06

    EasyAR SDK 2.2.0 dramatically improves image tracking. The ImageTracker is more stable and less likely to lost, and pose jitter has been reduced. You can choose different modes of ImageTracker to balance tracking performance and quality, which will give the best quality by default.

  • EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 released! 2017/09/12

    EasyAR SDK 2.1.0 has a few new features and some stability improvements.

  • EasyAR 2.0.0 document has been released! 2017/07/20

    Document has been released, please read our document for more help.

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EasyAR SDK Basic

· Concise API in Different Languages

· Planar Image Tracking

· Cloud Recognition Support

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EasyAR SDK Pro


· 3D Object Tracking

· Screen Recording

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EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service

· Cloud-based Image Recognition Service

· Image Target Retrieval and Management

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