What is EasyAR CRS

EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service (CRS) is a web service that enables the advantage of cloud computing and storage, to provide cloud based image recognition for large scale databases.EasyAR CRS provides both image retrieval and target management as web services.

Block Diagram of EasyAR CRS

EasyAR Cloud Service

Features of EasyAR CRS


Offline Cache for Cloud Recognition

Targets Returned from Cloud Can be Stored as Local

Targets for Offline Use


Cloud Database with Large Capacity

100K targets per database for higher cost-effective

Extensible per user request


Fast, Accurate Recognition

Fast recognition within 0.1s

High recognition accuracy up to 98%


Efficient API

Simple and effective designed API makes developing more convenient


Smooth Management

User-friendly graphical management interface provides easy management for cloud database


Online Target Rating

Analyze quality for recognition and similarity against the whole database with detail reports for image targets.


Official Edition


Support 100K target images

Trial Edition

Free 14-day Trial

Support 100K target images

New Target Space