EasyAR Mega

EasyAR Mega provides city-scale AR cloud solution, and

empowers culture and tourism, business area, education, industry and

many other businesses with flexible acquisition scheme, leading

mapping and localization ability and user-friendly toolchain.

EasyAR Mega Released
We are empowering creators to seamlessly and realistically bring virtual content and experiences into the real world.As the infrastructure of the space Internet, EasyAR Mega provides developers with the ability to develop AR experiences in large spaces.
Robust city-scale spatial map building

City-scale spatial map building

Generate maps within 24 hours, partially updatable

Highly accurate and complete 3D reconstruction

Flexible large-scale data acquisition methods

Ever-expanding public maps

Fast, accurate and stable localization service

Centimeter level localization accuracy

Sub-second localization response

Stable and accurate motion tracking fusion

Private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment model support

Open tool chain for AR ecosystem

Efficient 3D map browsing and annotation tool

Validation against real-world simulation with pre-recorded data

Rich AR features provided by EasyAR Sense

Support native, web, and mini programs *

Support various Android and iOS devices and MR eyewear *

Flexible multi-terminal deployment

Support native, web

Support various Android and iOS devices

Support AR eyewear (Nreal glasses and others)

Product advantages

5G+ Cloud Positioning

AR spatial perception and environment correlation fusion

Cross Platform support

Support iOS, Android and other devices ,provide consistent experience

Centimeter-level positioning

Visual Positioning Technology Spatial Computing Technology

Smart glasses support

Support AR/MR headset devices Bring unique experience

Spatial interaction

Deployment of virtual AR content and experiences in the space
Industry Application Scenarios



Zhenwu Temple

MetaVerse Mall