EasyAR MotionTracking(SLAM)

EasyAR Sense 4.0 brings powerful motion tracking capabilities,

You don't need to download any other applications to implement SLAM capabilities within your project.

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EasyAR vs ARcore

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EasyAR Advantage

Support more older or mid- and low-end Android models
EasyAR has special algorithm optimization for low-end and Android models before 2017, which ensures that the platform with limited computing power also has good effects. Meanwhile, EasyAR MotionTracking also supports VIO algorithm for Camera1.
Support more than 1 billion Android models worldwide
EasyAR MotionTracking supports Android phones, which cover 60-70% of the Chinese market. The total number of Android models supported globally is over 1 billion, which is 30-60% higher than that of other platforms such as ARCore.
No additional applications need to be installed
EasyAR MotionTracking can be launched directly without installing other apps, while other platforms such as ARCore require users to manually download and install the apps with corresponding algorithms.
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