EasyAR Mega
Product introduction and workflow description

Product introduction

EasyAR Mega provides city-scale AR cloud solution, and empowers culture and tourism, business area, education, industry and many other businesses with flexible acquisition scheme, leading mapping and localization ability and user-friendly toolchain.
Follow the below steps to apply for relevant services to build your application and start the AR journey.

Workflow description

1. Data acquisition and mapping

Available via application: Mapping service
Function description: The video of the required positioning area can be collected by the acuqisition equipment, and the map can be built through the map building service. Generally, the map building can be completed within 24 hours, which may fluctuate according to the size of the region.
Operational profile: EasyAR Mega acquisition support panoramic camera, mobile phone, laser equipment. You can choose according to the requirements of the deployment scene. Collected data can be uploaded directly in the EasyAR development center map building services for data upload and online generation.In order to ensure the quality of map generation, please contact us before data collection. If you want to use an existing map, skip this step and go to Step 2. In addition, we also support you to collect field test data, the test data will be stored in EIF format, can be used in the positioning test tool or EasyAR Sense development, which is convenient for debugging on the PC after space content labeling, getting rid of the cumbersomeness of repeated travels to test site.

2. Configure the cloud localization service

Avialable via application: Cloud localization service.
Function description: Cloud localization services work with exising map and localization algorithms to determine the 6 DOF location of the device with regard to the map.
Operational profile: Before using the spatial map, you need to apply for cloud localization service. After the service is activated, the map data required can be added to the service according to the relevant service keys and access links configured in the development project in the document.

3. Spatial content annotation

Use by application: Cloud space mapping tool.
Function description: Spatial content annotation uses the mesh data of the map to mark the position, rotation and other information that the virtual content needs to be displayed in the map.
Operational profile: In the annotation tool, log in to EasyAR account and select cloud localization service to view the map mesh data. Annotate and record or upload the annotation information (EMA) according to the mesh data. The annotation information only includes map and spatial transformation information such as position, rotation, scale and so on, and does not include 3D content (such as model, audio and video, etc.). EasyAR does not offer a content storage service, so you will need to choose between storing 3D content in the App or on your own server, depending on your application.

4. Verify positioning

Use by application: Cloud space mapping tool.
Function description: The EIF data recorded in advance is used to connect the cloud location service to the PC and read and play the EIF data to simulate the real-time operation effect.
Content placement or effects can be adjusted according to runtime conditions without field testing.

5. Building an Unity app

Use by application: EasyAR Sense and EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin
Function description: Using the EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin to develop Unity applications, 3D content will be stored locally in the application, annotated data can be stored to the server or the application local, at runtime, 3D content can be displayed in a pre-placed place.
Operational profile: You can use the EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin to develop Unity applications. If you want to achieve better occlusion effect in the application, you can build the occlusion model in Unity or modeling tool based on the model in annotation tool. If you have a development team and have 3D development ability, you can contact us to activate relevant functions and obtain EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin and related tool plug-in package, to commence application development. If you do not have a development team, EasyAR is also happy to provide development support, you can request more inforation by contacting us directly.